You get benefit of personal coaching experience sitting at home just by accessing your computer/ smart phone or tablet. With the online program, you can proceed through the modules at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your own home.       Learning online saves ample of your time and money on travelling & refreshments. Also you don’t have to hamper your job schedule or household works in anyways. You can set your own learning time as per your convenience.

About Us

Milind Sawant Life Coaching in present times is the most effective and reliable source to pursue the self development, guidance and training allowing  you to achieve success, become a winner and live your life on the razor’s edge.
We work with business entities and individuals all across the India through our online coaching programs, instilling within them not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to Achieve, but also the essential action plans and strategies that will empower them to excell, improve,, and thrive in today’s ever-changing world. Our self-development program focuses on reprogramming the sub-conscious part of your mind that enables you to get emotionally involved with your ideas and dream plans, which will ultimately inspires you to act on it automatically without holding doubt or fear of the outcome. This is the secret that every successful person knows when he or she is on the verge of executing the biggest goals of their life. 
Once you learn these mind operating techniques and practice it daily, it will become your habit,  which we call the ‘new paradigms’. And while you start working with these new paradigms you will find some of the phenomenal changes taking place in your behavior and in your life. You can have, do or become anything that you dream of.. However it requires dedication, practice, as well as allowing yourself to be aware of your real potential and the hidden traits of your winning personality through a professionally guided training. 
So, do not wait any longer, don’t make a second guess, this is the moment where you should make a committed decision to live your life as per your demands because winners don’t wait for the right opportunity but they rather create one.

Counsellor’s Message
Everyone of us has two sides to our personality one which is Self-confident and other which can be called as self-destructive or that which does not allow you to grow in a distinct manner. At the time of our birth, we all were gifted with same intellect and same amount of self-confidence to achieve anything in this world. But due to the influence of our environment and mental conditioning given by the people who raised us, we later became a product of their thinking and their belief systems.
More commonly speaking, we all were mentally programmed right from the childhood not to take a risk in life, because it causes loss and heartbreak to one self. Whereas in reality ‘risk’ is the biggest deciding factor for ones level of success. The more risk one could take in his life, the more success one can achieve in his life. And this is a proven fact. The pages of history are filled with the evidence and names of such people who risked their lives for something worthy and achieved it anyhow. I therefore strongly believe that the way our mental attitude was programmed during our childhood was not in our control but to change our mental attitude is totally in our control at any stage of our life. It really does not matter whether you are a teenager/homemaker/struggler/businessman or a senior citizen. All you need to do is make a committed decision to become aware of your real potentials and develop your positive mental attitude to such a level that nothing can hold you back from taking a risk in life and reaching the new heights of success. Remember, we live with a choice, not with a chance. 
For your success
Smita Bhandari
Milind Sawant Life Coaching

Coach's Message

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” 
I believe in this quote as much as i believe in my training process. Every person is capable of experiencing immense Happiness, Joy and Fullfillment in his life if they follow the right principles and practice it with full faith. I believe by joining our Life Skills training program one can really find a complete shift in different areas of their life be it personal, professional or health. You will never be the same person again and those who associate
with you daily, will find it surely.

For your success
Vaidehi Pathare
Soft Skill Trainer & Tarot Reader
Milind Sawant Life Coaching

Coach's Words
Hello everyone, it gives me an immense pleasure to give you a heartiest welcome to our online coaching program “The NEW in You” which allows you to experience the marvelous aspects of your life. It really doesn’t matter if you are a professional or businessman, it also doesn’t matter if you are a student or homemaker because here we have congregated to understand the very basic principles of our life, which influences the intellectual and financial growth of every one of us. Whether you become a part of our online coaching or not, is completely a different topic but since you have made a conscious decision to visit this website and so expressed your interest to look into this subject of self-development, implies that you too seek a development in many areas of your life sooner or later. And this may be the first step you have taken towards the journey of your life transformation. You truly deserve to receive the glorious knowledge of this universe of which you and I are the essential part. I therefore, would like to suggest you that don’t listen to what I say, don’t listen to what other people says, but just listen to what your intuition says. The inner voice that always guides you to take a right step towards your success. If your intuition suggests you to go ahead on this life transformation journey. That allows you, to know more of your inner self, your true potentials and the genius which you were gifted with at the time of your birth. Then, surely take a step further and become a part of this life changing experience for all the betterment that you deserve.
I always hope that you express yourself fullest and experience the grandest of whatever you desire. My aim to introduce you with this life transforming program is this single desire to see you growing both spiritually as well as intellectually in this marvelous universe of which we all are the essential part.
For your Success & Glory
Milind Sawant
Founder & Life Coach

Milind Sawant Life Coaching



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