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The Secret Knowledge of Ancient

It is said since the beginning that “Knowledge is a POWER”. But what kind of knowledge is actually a POWER? Well, nobody specified on that important aspect. May be that’s why people though procure more knowledge seem to acquire not much POWER within. Is this because the KNOWLEDGE which they have possessed is not POWERFUL enough to give them what they desire to get in life or from life? Or is this because the true knowledge which possessed the POWER is already lost in the distant past? If you ask this question to me, I will say both the reasons is valid and true. Because the secret knowledge of ancient era is lost long ago and the modern knowledge which we possess these days is nowhere connected to the ancient teaching which enabled people to acquire what they desired or dreamed of.
This ancient knowledge was POWER in true sense because it possessed the POWER of MENIFESTATION. This knowledge could help people manifest real physical things just by harnessing their energy within. HOW? Yes this is the question I think every person need to ask themselves when they are stuck in life and things not moving in their favor. But sadly no organization around the world teaches or focuses on how to utilize the POWER within and so the modern man is ignorant to this ancient knowledge in 21st century.
But, where there is a will there is a way. As a matter of fact not everyone choose to remain ignorant, some endeavor to find the truth and do succeed in discovering the hidden facts. Like those who discovered the ancient knowledge of attracting things in our life from the universal source. This knowledge is known as LAW OF ATTRACTION in modern terms.
Practicing Law of Attraction was the common ritual among people around the world but this common practice was lost with the passage of time. But now with the means of modern technology and research we can relearn this Ancient Knowledge to improve the quality of our life, attract prosperity and abundance. Why not start every day with a meaningful thoughts that

- Milind Sawant

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