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Sub-conscious mind

Since waking up in the early morning till the falling of night before you go to sleep, have you ever noticed, there are number of activities you perform without giving any conscious thought to it. For e.g. taking a bath, getting dressed up, driving your car, cooking food, playing cricket, swimming, and so on. There are nearly hundreds of such other activities to be mentioned here, all of which you perform in association with your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind is working for you day and night 24 hours, 365 days even when you are at sleep or busy at work. It never stops or takes a break even for a moment. While many of you must be aware of these facts but there are still many who are not aware of the sub-conscious mind and its influence on our daily life. And this is actually unfortunate, because your sub-conscious mind can and should be a great ally in achieving success in your life. All you need to do is establish a good working relationship with your sub-conscious mind. And to do this you have to first get aware and get familiar with this hidden, mysterious aspect of your three fold personality and the important role it plays in your life. 
If I tell you in short about this marvelous factor of humans, it would be the emotional side of your personality. Those emotional feelings which are fixed deep down inside you about which even you are not aware in your consciousness. Take a look at these instances, for your better understanding of Sub-conscious mind. 
  • You must have fall down from the bicycle and broke your nose in your childhood and since then you never again dared to ride a bicycle. 
  • Many of you feel scared to enter a dark room,
  • Do you fear to jump into the river water? 
  • Do you absolutely avoid eating non-vegetarian food?
  • Do you drink or smoke every day? 
  • Do you spend most of your time surfing on the social networks? 
  • Do you feel uncomfortable and nervous to meet new people and to introduce yourself to them?
  • Do you blame others for your failure or losses?
All these behavior of human personality is a result of the emotional feelings which are settled in our sub-conscious mind and now giving us the results which we most commonly called (in psychological terms) as a phobia, fear or addiction. Only by the aid of studying and re-educating yourself about the fact that you do possess a second powerful mind and that mind does control most of your behaviors and the things that you do without giving any conscious thought upon. You can then become conscious of your sub-conscious. You can then monitor your strange actions and manipulate them based on the results you seek to get in your life. 
Remember your sub-conscious mind is like a servant to you or it is like a jinni in the bottle which acts on your command and delivers to you everything that you ask for. Your sub-conscious mind has no ability to reject or manipulate any of your thoughts or ideas. Any thought which is repeated over and over in your conscious mind will eventually take an imprint within the sub-conscious which cannot distinguish between what is imagined and what is real. It just set your body into vibrations which are in harmony with your dominating thoughts; these vibrations cause your body to move into action to get the desired results. Therefore people who think they are sick or not so healthy are seemed to be in the state of illness or bad health all the time. People who think they lack self-confidence are often scared of entering into the interview hall or talking on the stage. And on the contrary people who think they can earn millions enter into a million dollar venture and enjoy the life just the way they dreamed. It’s all about what you are imprinting on to your sub-conscious mind with the choice of your conscious thoughts.
A regular mind training course, learning affirmations and visualization techniques can help you to attain proficiency to regain your self-confidence, get rid of certain fears or addictions and to prepare yourself to set up realistic goals to achieve new heights and success in your life. 
- Milind Sawant

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