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Paradigms what is it? Is it the buzz word for the information age? Absolutely not. Paradigms can be controlling virtually everything in your life. When you understand how to build a paradigm that will lawfully guarantee you a success. A paradigm to replace the one that presently controls your life; you will have opened a door to a whole new world. 
“To ignore the power of paradigm to influence your judgement is to put yourself at significant risk when exploring the future.”
-Joel Barker
99% of the time paradigm is other person’s habits that we have accepted. it is actualy other person’s habits control our life. What kind of food do you like? think, You’ll say well, mostly the food that is cooked at home is what I like. Now that is the food cooked by your Parents or Grandparents and it is absolutely prepared in the way they know how to make it in the manner they learned from their parents. This implies neither their food habits are their own nor your food habits are your own but it is given to you by your parents and grandparents. Similarly there are many other habits which have passed on to you from your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, schools, and the environment in which you were raised since your childhood. Paradigms in simple terms can bea program that has been installed to your brain, a program that was very likely written by guardians who loved you – good people, people who honestly wanted nothing but the best in you. The people who were program you were giving you what they had been given, what they believed as a truth. Sadly, they had no slightest idea of what they were doing, the beliefs that they were writing into your (brain) program, that could control the remaining of your life. Looking back from an educated perspective, it is very obvious that the focus of the people who were raising you, was primarily for your physical well-being, they had little or no knowledge of what was happening to you mentally. It was usually believed if you were hygiene, warm and well-eaten; the job was being well done. Very few people understand the mind and that’s why it is been overlooked so often. When you were a child your mind was like a tea cup wide open to the outside world and anything could be dumped in it. Literally things are dumped in our mind by others. Think of your childhood for a moment, how you were raised? What kind of people surrounded you? What were they thinking or talking often? What were they doing? Because their world was becoming your world. Now one might say oh! They were just thinking. But let me tell you thoughts are real force of energy, thought waves are the most potent waves there is, they make laser beam look like foolish. Our thoughts can travel 940,000 times faster than the sound of our voice. No other force or power in the universe is as great or as fast. It is a proven fact scientifically that the our mind is a battery force (a power house), the highest of any known element in the world.  And you can find this fact in the marvelous book written by Raymond Holliwell, ‘Working with the law’, you cannot simple deny the fact of the universe as you and I are the essential part of this infinite universe that is controlling our existence since so long. All you can do is understand the natural laws of the universe and learn to live in harmony with them for better and more fulfilled life. 
To live the life that you desire you have to 1st work on your paradigms which will lead to change your behavior. Remember, when behavior is changed everything around you will begin to change. And this is proven scientificaly. In the self-development program ‘The NEW in You’ we give step by step easy to understand exercises to change your paradigms in order to change your results. That’s what we are doing we are teaching people how to alter their habits loops and behaviors to change their end results.

(We express our heartiest gratitute to Mr. Bob Proctor for providing such a marvellous information on this subject of paradigms through his motivational book 'The Success Puzzle' )

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