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Love and Relationships

     Relationship for me is when the mutual understanding thrives and there is a feeling of good every time amongst. Love is when two individuals’ come closer in interaction due to resonance of their thought on the same frequency. i.e. To spend their life with each other. 
     Human being is a social animal by its very nature. And so he needs a companion to live with for his life time. The custom of marriage as we all know is the centuries old and it depicts a perfect system of following the moral values and the disciplined life one needs to live during his life time.  
If love is boat, marriage is the sail that directs it to move ahead in the right direction. If love is a journey marriage is the ultimate destination one may desire to reach.
James Allen put it in a very beautiful words saying,
“Man is mind and every more he takes the tool of thought. And shaping what he wills. Brings forth a thousand joys or thousand ills. We think in secret and it comes to pass our environment is but our looking glass” 
To have healthy love relation you have to see it always flourishing and forever growing. Your perception towards your relationship actually is shaping its every moment. It is when you become a source of eternal love and care for your partner you then truly experience the unlimited joy and happiness in your love life. Such a relationship would then be called as a perfect example of unconditional love. And one should not forget unconditional love is the basis of lasting relationship. So, try to be the source of that what you truly desire to flourish in your life. While love is one such greatest desire in everyone’s life.  
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mignon Mc.                           

-Milind Sawant

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