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Human brain

Human brain weights merely 1.4 kgs which is approx. 2% of total body weight yet it can be called as one of the marvelous tools which man is gifted with at the time of his birth. Composed of more than 86billion neurons tightly packed inside of it, the human brain is the most powerful thing in the biological world or you can say in the entire universe. Human brain has developed after a millions of years of evolutionary process and far more advanced than in any other animal on this planet and this attribution alone enables man to perform various intellectual activities such as doing mathematical calculations, making a painting, writing a poem, speaking different languages, developing workable tools and so on. Which other primates cannot do. So powerful but yet unknown to many of us, it is found through a study that an average person (male/female) makes only about 2-4% use of the brain power in his entire life time to conduct various activities of the daily routine. People who are engaged in an intellectual or creative works like those of Musician, Authors, Artists or Scientists uses between 12-15% of their brain power in their entire life time. Now, the biggest question one would ask here is what we do with the unused part of our brain? And what could be done or achieved? if we can learn how to use the remaining 80-90% of our brain power for the rest of our life.     
There are still many hidden truths about this magnificent tool we call ‘brain’ but the things that we already know are far beyond ones expectation to take him to the new heights and make him successful in any of his chosen field. If you but can only choose to make a fullest and wisest use of your brain power. You shall then be introduced to some of the greatest secretes of the universe and your connection with them. Every great leader and the achiever in the history knew the very fact that       “You and I become what we think.” Man’s dominating thought leads him to reach his destination. And thinking starts in our brain. 
Human brain works with such a precession and details that we don’t have any problem in building up a spaceship and send the astronauts into the space and time the landing of the space craft with the precision of fraction of seconds on the surface of the moon. We also don’t find any difficulty in opening the heart of a patient do the necessary operation while he is still alive and close the entire organ system just the way it was and the patient feels better and renewed after a weeks of medication and care at the hospital.  What do you think? How these techniques and skills were developed by human? In the relatively short period of time, say in the last couple of decades. It is all possible because of making use of the creative ideas that come into the BRAIN. Everyone of us have the ability to think and act creatively but our mental conditioning and negative belief system stops us many a times from taking an action on our creative ideas. The one who takes necessary steps to act on their creative ideas are the greatest people we know in the history like APJ Abdul kalam, Chanakya, Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve jobs and many others who tested their creative abilities to the highest level and became successful. It is not that these great people were gifted with some extra ordinary powers or they were blessed with more intellectual capabilities. They were just like you and me. The only difference was in their results. Ask yourself and you will find what kind of results are you getting in your life, is it moving you towards your goal of life or away from it. If you still not getting the results that you want, it implies there is something you haven’t yet known about yourself i.e. you haven’t yet understood the infinite power of your brain and the results it can give you if you can make timely use of the creative side of your personality. 
- Milind Sawant 

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