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Conscious mind

Human Brain as we discussed in the earlier article that it is the most magnificent tool which man is gifted with and after getting aware of this fact one would surely be inspired to ask a series of questions, such as, what is a difference between the brain and the mind? What is the function of our mind? Have does the mind look like? Do you have the picture of human mind? And so on.
Before going further in this discussion I would like to share something here with you. I recollect a short story of a little boy who was making a drawing sitting in a class room, teacher comes and ask him, “Son what are you doing,” he says “well, I am making a picture of a GOD.” Teacher says, “well but nobody has ever seen a GOD”, the kid replies “well then let me finish the picture.” That’s a good humor isn’t it? Though it was a little joke, but contained a great message, that says, unless you have the image of something, it is difficult for you to understand it and take the necessary action on it. Thinking is the process that takes place in particular area of our brain which involves flashing of pictures one after another. In our conscious mind we see everything in pictures. We all think in pictures, don’t we? If I ask you to think of your home, think of your kitchen, think of your automobile, the place where you go to work and one after another the series of pictures would start to flash in front of your eyes, as if a screen is running right through the center of your head. We literally think in pictures but what if I ask you to think of your mind. Well, many of you must have imagined the picture of your brain and it is quite obvious since you don’t have the image of your ‘MIND’. But you see, your brain is not your mind. Your brain is an organ like any other organ in your body such as lungs and kidneys. Your mind is an activity and your body is the instrument of those activities happening in your mind every moment. Your conscious mind operates with the various sensory factors such as Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These are the sensory factors that receive the various signals from the surrounding environment and send the information to your brain and your brain in turn sends a feedback message which is more often acted upon by your physical body. E.g. On touching a hot vessel you spontaneously react on the burning sensation and take away your hands off the vessel. This is the way your brain functions. Now, talking about your mind. In your conscious awareness you have a choice whether to accept particular information or to neglect it as long as it remains in your conscious mind. For eg: early in the morning while getting ready for the office it is our conscious choice whether to take bath with cold water or hot water depending on the climate outside or say, if you are getting dressed up you can make choice whether to wear formals or casual dress depending on which day of the week it is? These choices are made in your conscious mind on which you have total authority. To reach office whether you take a cab or go by bus again depends whether you are on time or getting late for the office. Your conscious mind always gives you a choice to go with one thing or the other based on the information it receives from its sensory factors and from the surrounding environment. But there are several levels to your conscious mind. Same as we see there are several floors in the multistoried building. If I talk about little higher level of your conscious mind, you will learn that your conscious mind is the first part of your three fold personality. This is the part of you that thinks, reasons and your free will lies in this part. It can accept or reject any idea in order to live your life just the way you want. And that’s why we often hear elderly person saying “Think before you speak” or “Think before you act”. Your conscious mind is the store house for both the wisdom and the evil and choice is always in your hands whether to let the wisdom or let the evil reside in it.  
- Milind Sawant

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