You get benefit of personal coaching experience sitting at home just by accessing your computer/ smart phone or tablet. With the online program, you can proceed through the modules at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your own home.       Learning online saves ample of your time and money on travelling & refreshments. Also you don’t have to hamper your job schedule or household works in anyways. You can set your own learning time as per your convenience.

Business / Job of your dream

One of the first things we all dream of since our childhood is, what we will become when we grow up? A person is often well known for what he does and seldom for what he is. What you choose as your profession is the biggest factor that sets your identity in the market. What you are doing currently may not be the job of your choice or something that you were passionate about. To get into the business or job of your dream it is important that you should first have a burning desire to do it irrespective of what kind of circumstances you are in at present and secondly you should be courageous enough to discontinue with your current profession or job in order to pursue your dreams. Change is an attribute of building a successful carrier. But change is difficult to accept for many and to follow your passion; you have to welcome many changes in your attitude and in your life. This may seem as difficult task for many at the time. And this is prime reason why you see people working in the same job for 40 long years, even if the rewards are not worthy. They are ready to give up on their dreams and passion, against the acceptance of change. It feels difficult for many to come out of their comfort zone frame of life and enter into the new environment, even if the environment is relevant to the accomplishment of their dreams.

Remember, if you desire to do what you love, you will have to first get out of your comfort zone frame of life and prepare yourself for acceptance of the changes that are co
ming forth. Only by doing so you can become aware of your unlimited abilities to do the new things in life. This awareness of self-worth is what works as a spirit of the winners, who seldom know how they going to do it but all they know, is they can do it. And if you can attain such a positive mindset you can win too.

- Milind Sawant

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