You get benefit of personal coaching experience sitting at home just by accessing your computer/ smart phone or tablet. With the online program, you can proceed through the modules at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your own home.       Learning online saves ample of your time and money on travelling & refreshments. Also you don’t have to hamper your job schedule or household works in anyways. You can set your own learning time as per your convenience.
In today’s modern science & technologies and fast evolving world, there is an immense need of scholars who can understand this threefold structure that controls and governs every area of our life. Finding such an expert in this subject who can guide us on how to work in unity with these elusive factors of life can take us to the whole new level where success and happiness becomes our normal state of mind. When it comes to find such a scholar Milind Sawant is the person you can always approach. It is his intrest to explore the true meaning of life, which enabled him to findout the secret of lasting happiness and personal success.  Milind Sawant is truely a qualified coach to talk about Life.
Being an Interior Designer by profession and a Fine Artist by his hobby, Milind Sawant always had a curiosity to find out the secrets of life, through study. He then spend most of his time reading, analysing and researching about the universal laws of this universe, human psychology and mindset of winners towards their personal success. After learning for more than 5 years in his research and after studying some of the greatest materials in the world based on self development, he brings to us, the Most  intriguing 'self development program’ called ‘The NEW in YOU’. 
Since its introduction on the online courses, this program has already gathered the attention of the professionals, students, and homemakers by awakening their inner self which in turn allow them to realize their actual potentials to go ahead in life. And now, it’s your time to explore that unseen, hidden and genius side of your personality.
One can easily understand how to transmute their life by simply becoming a participant of Milind Sawant's Life Coaching where Happiness and Success is natural.


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